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  1. Effective restaurant marketing isn't easy. It fills the restaurant on a slow night. Security footage released over the weekend shows the frightening interaction between two customers at a Subway restaurant in. Strange News brought to you by EarthLink. Ay on top of current events with the EarthLink News Channel.
  2. End caps, food court locations, and the typical 1, 200-square-foot staple have already been built. Security footage released over the weekend shows the frightening interaction between two customers at a Subway restaurant in. Consider it Subway's new duds to the biggest party in foodservice. Monday, the chain with 45,000 plus units globally unveiled what it's labeling the most extensive.
  3. But now, Subway wants to put stupid touchscreen kiosks in its restaurants. For more than 40 years, these quick service franchises have proved that fast food is here to stay. Ether its pizza, hamburgers, tacos or donuts, these tasty.

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